Thursday, November 16, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017
about 11:47am to 11:57am
but its about 10 to 12minutes
say they
and it's said
from heads
i'm dimming
action figure, go
gotta flow
be better as a been
has no peace
had yes war
late night mass
weapon of, by, & for
mourning after night
me thinks this
will be left behind.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017
by Scott McLean

in a particularly baggy
section of the cosmos
full of debris
if we got separated
would you jump
from point A
to point Me
I'm just being hypothetical
Don't say it's nonsense
ick, call
call me back
sorry for the strange
message. my bad
just a tad
so then, send me
away to a world
where you get me
my thinking is catching
my beats are catchy
so i'll keep going
and looking for the you
who accepts me
how i am
maybe in a different
part of the universe
or another, altogether
I can jump
from debris to debris
some rock to call home
where you will jump
to point Me
where we won't
only (be) hypothetical
or this nonsense ick call
won't be written down
wrong or typo-thetical
love me, don't judge me
love is catchy
somewhere in the cosmos (or)
layer of the multi-cosmos
that's the message
keep searching for love

Wednesday, February 8, 2017



Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wednesday,June 15,2016
4:33 am to 4:49 am=16 mins.

Lastly, make it last
Lee, the universe
ends with a zombie
I think there's a tv show
about food
when the world's over
and, and, and
sorry to stutter
you'll need strength
good nourishment
could help to fight
to help the fight
against raw might
never makes right
Firstly, turn the dial
good futuristic tvs
take you back
buh yeah baaack
to when tv was good
i like those
food shows, before
we had to worry
about storing up
rations for all our
human oops
for examples
prepare your mind
for bombs
and asteroids
i wanna be up
not blown
never elect a clown
or hate a frown
trust your sweetest
desire eat, live,
have sex, create,
love not hate
fight against the
mind wreckers
and anti-humans
good to like what
you like is good
just so you're not
harming anyone
good is liking you
who likes and
that's good
we're not dupes
don't fall for
stand for
don't wait for oops
love without worry
Lastly, make it last

Friday, June 17, 2016

My pictures today, Friday June 17, 2016 - Small size

Now what/who do you see?

My pictures today, Friday June 17, 2016

I tried to put this in Labels but it was too long: my pictures today Friday June 17 2016 between 11 AM and Noon unedited, I took these to promote one of my sub-genres or styles I call counterpointillism or Counter-Pointillism however I found something going on in the clouds so let's see because it's real or i mean i didn't do that it's just that way and who is that?, 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Scott McLean - "3A"

I recorded this song half an hour ago. It's a reference to three A's. One is a friend, another one is a reference to a famous singer whose recent big hit sounds like at least two of my songs combined or something, and the other A is the first letter in the word Again. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Scott McLean - "Between Bugetta and Sure"

Scott McLean - "Between Bugetta and Sure" poetry reading

I wrote this and performed the reading/recorded this reading today during the day, Wednesday, January 13, 2016.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Scott McLean "Made for You" song lyrics

"Made for You"
by Scott McLean

It's always that way
and yah see
it's a problem, so bad
you gotta keep it out
not letting it back
when dealing with
a woman's mind
which wanna leave
me behind
i'm seedless, no rind
me losing? what?
i'm a real good find
what have you been thinking?
your boat, romance, been sinking

i'm around for you
show you what to do
put me in your heart
one's hoping to be two's
gonna become like one
it's that all smiles ending
of a made for TV movie
i like our starring roles
though sometimes
it's like we're on
opposite poles
it's warm in my heart
get warm, girl
you know what to do
just like on TV
in you put some me.
, lyrics were written on the right side then I ran out of space and wrote to the left of where I began
I wrote the song lyrics (below) this morning. Now it's the afternoon 

this morning, Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Sleep It Off", "Falling Apart Never Really Hurt So Bad", "Notice How Everything's Gone" by Scott McLean

Some of my songs that were to be released here, which were singing and I wrote/sing those songs that way in 2012&13 "Sleep It Off", "Falling Apart Never Really Hurt So Bad"and in 2011 and 2012 "Notice How Everything's Gone". Those song titles may change, but those are part of the lyrics of the songs and I may add more lyrics too.  The songs include a feel of Gothic, Grunge, etc. but I couldn't put those songs here in 2012 because the news kept being so sad at that time and we continue to get bad news and sad news reports. My songs are NOT about the sad tragedies taking place in our world, although "Notice How Everything's Gone" is about the government and companies trying to stop us from creating songs. I did make some recordings but have to re-record those songs. I remember those songs and keep singing them.

"Notice How Everything's Gone"
by Scott McLean

Notice how everything's gone
you can't even sing this song
notice, notice
we don't care
longer than we stare (note: with added dramatic emphasis)

I find myself, wandering through
a book of places
that you'll never go
and you'll never know

Notice how everything's gone
you can't even sing this song
notice, notice
notice how everything's gone
you can't even sing this song aaahhhh aaaaaahh (note: that's a scream at the end)

Note: I sing this song a lot and it's short and to the point. I came up with this in objection to CISPA and SOPA and this was going to be my protest song. It still is my protest song. Note: I may decide to slightly change the song titles but those are part of the lyrics.

Monday, November 24, 2014

"Keyboard Riff Inspired Snowdrift" by Scott McLean

Keyboard Riff Inspired Snowdrift
by Scott McLean

I fell down
n' almost went away
snow on the groun-
duh-beneath was ice
should say
Christmas prepare
shop if you don't drop
in rounds sing
this snowy Christmas thing
I got flat
recalled in keys riff(ed) up
of long ago
though not davnim dovno
you should have been
there, the riff was
recorded and still is
not Christmasy
no mellow melody
I am sure
sweets will prevail
alternative taste buds
very Christmasy
proclaim ascending slowly
the unnoticeable incline
over time
not Not
neither Neither
nor Nor
should I stop
or become abor
No No's
Yes Yes's
oh Maybe
I love you
Maybe the Most
Maybe you are
the most Christmasy
of all
I know togetherness
of each snowflake
uniting courage
inspiration of gradual
is the
as one with
the key to

Note: I wrote "Keyboard Riff Inspired Snowdrift" lyrics on Wednesday, November 20, 2013. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Every Flavor Of The Wave" by Scott McLean

"Every Flavor Of The Wave"
by Scott McLean - singer, songwriter

I recorded this on Sunday night, February 2, 2014 and I don't know, was it around 11 p.m. I'm not singing to myself though it could seem that way and it's a rather funny video. Actually, I was trying to put my picture up so I wouldn't be seen while I was singing but wound up with both the picture and me singing.

Some songs I like include "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" by Lou Rawls, "Street Life" by Randy Crawford and The Crusaders, Chet Baker's recording of "My Funny Valentine", "Look What I Got" by Betty Carter, "Sweet Love" by Anita Baker, and of course The Doobie Brothers "Black Water" and many of other songs by them. I don't have any personal connection and I don't sound like them in my own songs, I'm just happy I like those songs and many more, and I like to do my own singing styles. Truthfully, I almost hurt the outside of my neck trying to sing high notes like one female R&B/Soul singer so if I do covers I'm going to have to be more careful.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Song "Emotion" because Emotion is good in life and songs

People were bullied on the YouTube website. I remember seeing many bullying comments there and it often had nothing to do with songs on YouTube but sometimes it was people being mean to fans of those artists/bands. Just because some people want to hate and they wanted to cause problems for other viewers/listeners to YouTube videos. The worst I recall seemed to be in 2011 and I was almost sick from it and sad a lot and the comments weren't directed at me, but I felt sad for other people who had been bullied there on that website. I use the words bullying, bullied and bully but only because those are words people understand. I saw come comments on YouTube that seemed like threats and some of those people should have been banned from YouTube if they weren't. I felt depressed and sad because of comments I read on YouTube.

On the YouTube website, the bullies wrote mean words and I think they try to hurt people because of emotion and the emotions of people. I was reading comments and the word 'emotion' and 'emotions' was used by the bullies and that's as stupid as it gets since we all have emotions

Emotion is good.

Having emotions and expressing emotions is good and great and emotions make us real and care about life. Sometimes we're sad, and yes I cried when some people died because of suicide and they gave up maybe because they couldn't take reading and/or hearing any more mean words, hate words, and other bad words.

Emotion is good and Emotion is great! Your emotions are fine and perfect because we are humans. Think about yourself and be happy who you are and keep going. Sometimes I can only keep going and that's good enough for me and that's why I say keep going.

My song lyrics "Emotion" is for everyone and for people to feel good about their emotions. I also hope more singers and songwriters continue to put emotion in songs.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scott McLean Original Song "Leaves"

This is when it was released:

Thursday, December 22, 2011
Nonexistent Reality/Scott McLean "Leaves" - new song

Scott McLean song "Leaves" was a song release on Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm celebrating today two years since my "Hit" song "Leaves" by Scott McLean (that's me) was released here. The date was Thursday, December 22, 2011.

I know my song "Leaves" is popular the same as some of my other songs, at least popular with well-known bands, because I've heard your songs that came out since the time of my song releases, and some of those songs sound like they are influenced by me and my songs. Am I a major influence in music these days? Yeah! I'd so so for certain. Also, I can come up with notes, lyrics, and reverse them in my head. That's what I hear in my head. I love my song "Leaves" and while we all have our influences, I'm my biggest influence, and who knows maybe I'm one of your influences too.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Emotion" by Scott McLean

"Emotion" by Scott McLean

Cry for someone else
it's almost like a prayer
the biggest winner
knows emotion
is vehicle to action

it's a she-hicle
it's a he-hicle
don't be cold
as an icicle
the weather
brings heartache
from destruction
you shouldn't stand still
at a negative conjunction
we've all seen what damage
but's can do
i'll hand out this "and"
followed by
put in some emotion
this effort really matters
give someone a hand
up and up and up
help me hand out
this and emotion
be in touch with the inner you
the inner us is standing still
at the wrong conjunction
And, And, And    up, up, up
Move together with emotion

Friday, November 15, 2013

"Enhances" by Scott McLean

by Scott McLean

Your Eyes, Girl
Are the eyes for me
I look inside you
and I can see

The world has mountains
oceans, forests, and trees
stretch our arms too wide
for practical, our fingers touch

The physical population
of this whole planet, here's
a here's they could
but here's a but
they couldn't be touching
beyond the physical, not
not even if they were philosophical
or could figure out our purpose

but wait a minute, world
but here's no but
because we don't need to fret
that's because we can really see
look inside of someone
make sure you look for eyes
that can truly see
the world has mountains
oceans, forests, and trees
stretch our arms never-too-wide
we're not too practical to stop our fingers from touching
don't leave out people
put people in everything too
that enhances.

Note: "Enhances" (love song lyrics) is a poem/lyrics written by Scott McLean on Saturday, November 9, 2013. I will add more description later.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Lived Through the Were" by Scott McLean

"Lived Through the Were"
by Scott McLean

Past tense together
is better than today's weather

My head high
morning can't make clouds go by

Make a go of it until noon
loosen the beat, be an original tune

looking, searching high & low
in the metro for a gnome

this idea no longer novel
collects like raindrops, Earth

continues between the covers
literate eyes walk across dusty pages

think deep metaphorical tractor treads
through a history of how America was

Americans were, you, me, and everybody
existed in the background of word pictures

millions of us comprised each letter
so we faded and details of our America

by today, tomorrow, and years of people
who read American History, have not known

what existed was real, a were of togetherness
we lived through the were together
through the were, together we lived
as American, not dream but real, we were.

Note: Above is the original way it appears which I wrote (hand printed) on paper, and I think that's the word "as" before American in the last line, but I'm not sure because I crossed it out on the paper a few times and I can't tell for sure. It could be "us" but I think it's "as". This note of course wasn't part of the original Lyrics/poem by me. It was written on Monday, October 14, 2013 and it says 6:45 am to 7:15 am but the clock could be off. Regardless, it's early morning of that day.

Note to Fans...Words from Me

Don't worry, I haven't stopped.


I had a funny video saying Hello. So it's like a proto-Hello!
and if I can figure out how to post it I will, or maybe not.
It's not proto all hellos, just my strange way of saying hello.
It could influence lots and lots of future hellos. It's kind of
umm almost a space-alien style Hello! Use your imagination.

This isn't just for people who like one sci-fi series, or movie,
or another, but hmmm let's ponder this question: What kind of
space alien would you be if you could be any space alien at all?

I haven't stopped, I didn't give up, and I'm not taking a break. I create something every day and so should you. Don't give up on your dreams, and try to have fun doing it.


Friday, October 18, 2013

First words from "Lived Through the Were" by Scott McLean

"Lived Through the Were" by Scott McLean
written on Monday, October 14, 2013

Past tense together
is better than today's weather

(I have a whole page
I'll publish it later

Okay, I realize this part rhymes
but hmm...inside the parentheses
will disappear like an alligator)

The part in parentheses was new when
I put this here.

It's only the first two lines and title
before "I have" that was unedited
but pretty much everything is pristine
as modern progress or whatever
is the possessive of it's perpendicular

perhaps from a future five minutes only
in front of right now
anthology of poetry
named misspell I
while in summer love

I edited this part (after "later")
and I'm not sorry

Monday, September 2, 2013

Scott McLean "It's all your fault" original

Scott McLean: vocals, guitar, songwriter

I released this song 2 years ago on Friday, September 2, 2011 on my blog Fast Food Yummy because I didn't have a music website or music blog of my own at that time. I'm very happy with this song, and it's a webcam recording/video.

I tried to post it here now but it wouldn't load on here for some reason. You can listen on Fast Food Yummy if you would like to hear it. Thank you.

Also on Fast Food Yummy, here is what I wrote about this song on Saturday, September 3, 2011:
I can't really explain how I decided to write the song, released here last time. It's not about any specific relationship and there's not much more I can think of at the moment to describe the song.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Turn Off Time" poem/song was from November 12, 2012. There's no music yet. It's possible I'll leave it as a poem or lyrics unless we get a 'serious' end-times prophecy right away and then I'll get to it. However, I'd rather just sing it and see what I can come up with.