Thursday, December 17, 2015

Scott McLean "Made for You" song lyrics

"Made for You"
by Scott McLean

It's always that way
and yah see
it's a problem, so bad
you gotta keep it out
not letting it back
when dealing with
a woman's mind
which wanna leave
me behind
i'm seedless, no rind
me losing? what?
i'm a real good find
what have you been thinking?
your boat, romance, been sinking

i'm around for you
show you what to do
put me in your heart
one's hoping to be two's
gonna become like one
it's that all smiles ending
of a made for TV movie
i like our starring roles
though sometimes
it's like we're on
opposite poles
it's warm in my heart
get warm, girl
you know what to do
just like on TV
in you put some me.
, lyrics were written on the right side then I ran out of space and wrote to the left of where I began
I wrote the song lyrics (below) this morning. Now it's the afternoon 

this morning, Thursday, December 17, 2015