Monday, February 3, 2014

Song "Emotion" because Emotion is good in life and songs

People were bullied on the YouTube website. I remember seeing many bullying comments there and it often had nothing to do with songs on YouTube but sometimes it was people being mean to fans of those artists/bands. Just because some people want to hate and they wanted to cause problems for other viewers/listeners to YouTube videos. The worst I recall seemed to be in 2011 and I was almost sick from it and sad a lot and the comments weren't directed at me, but I felt sad for other people who had been bullied there on that website. I use the words bullying, bullied and bully but only because those are words people understand. I saw come comments on YouTube that seemed like threats and some of those people should have been banned from YouTube if they weren't. I felt depressed and sad because of comments I read on YouTube.

On the YouTube website, the bullies wrote mean words and I think they try to hurt people because of emotion and the emotions of people. I was reading comments and the word 'emotion' and 'emotions' was used by the bullies and that's as stupid as it gets since we all have emotions

Emotion is good.

Having emotions and expressing emotions is good and great and emotions make us real and care about life. Sometimes we're sad, and yes I cried when some people died because of suicide and they gave up maybe because they couldn't take reading and/or hearing any more mean words, hate words, and other bad words.

Emotion is good and Emotion is great! Your emotions are fine and perfect because we are humans. Think about yourself and be happy who you are and keep going. Sometimes I can only keep going and that's good enough for me and that's why I say keep going.

My song lyrics "Emotion" is for everyone and for people to feel good about their emotions. I also hope more singers and songwriters continue to put emotion in songs.

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