Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Emotion" by Scott McLean

"Emotion" by Scott McLean

Cry for someone else
it's almost like a prayer
the biggest winner
knows emotion
is vehicle to action

it's a she-hicle
it's a he-hicle
don't be cold
as an icicle
the weather
brings heartache
from destruction
you shouldn't stand still
at a negative conjunction
we've all seen what damage
but's can do
i'll hand out this "and"
followed by
put in some emotion
this effort really matters
give someone a hand
up and up and up
help me hand out
this and emotion
be in touch with the inner you
the inner us is standing still
at the wrong conjunction
And, And, And    up, up, up
Move together with emotion

Friday, November 15, 2013

"Enhances" by Scott McLean

by Scott McLean

Your Eyes, Girl
Are the eyes for me
I look inside you
and I can see

The world has mountains
oceans, forests, and trees
stretch our arms too wide
for practical, our fingers touch

The physical population
of this whole planet, here's
a here's they could
but here's a but
they couldn't be touching
beyond the physical, not
not even if they were philosophical
or could figure out our purpose

but wait a minute, world
but here's no but
because we don't need to fret
that's because we can really see
look inside of someone
make sure you look for eyes
that can truly see
the world has mountains
oceans, forests, and trees
stretch our arms never-too-wide
we're not too practical to stop our fingers from touching
don't leave out people
put people in everything too
that enhances.

Note: "Enhances" (love song lyrics) is a poem/lyrics written by Scott McLean on Saturday, November 9, 2013. I will add more description later.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Lived Through the Were" by Scott McLean

"Lived Through the Were"
by Scott McLean

Past tense together
is better than today's weather

My head high
morning can't make clouds go by

Make a go of it until noon
loosen the beat, be an original tune

looking, searching high & low
in the metro for a gnome

this idea no longer novel
collects like raindrops, Earth

continues between the covers
literate eyes walk across dusty pages

think deep metaphorical tractor treads
through a history of how America was

Americans were, you, me, and everybody
existed in the background of word pictures

millions of us comprised each letter
so we faded and details of our America

by today, tomorrow, and years of people
who read American History, have not known

what existed was real, a were of togetherness
we lived through the were together
through the were, together we lived
as American, not dream but real, we were.

Note: Above is the original way it appears which I wrote (hand printed) on paper, and I think that's the word "as" before American in the last line, but I'm not sure because I crossed it out on the paper a few times and I can't tell for sure. It could be "us" but I think it's "as". This note of course wasn't part of the original Lyrics/poem by me. It was written on Monday, October 14, 2013 and it says 6:45 am to 7:15 am but the clock could be off. Regardless, it's early morning of that day.

Note to Fans...Words from Me

Don't worry, I haven't stopped.


I had a funny video saying Hello. So it's like a proto-Hello!
and if I can figure out how to post it I will, or maybe not.
It's not proto all hellos, just my strange way of saying hello.
It could influence lots and lots of future hellos. It's kind of
umm almost a space-alien style Hello! Use your imagination.

This isn't just for people who like one sci-fi series, or movie,
or another, but hmmm let's ponder this question: What kind of
space alien would you be if you could be any space alien at all?

I haven't stopped, I didn't give up, and I'm not taking a break. I create something every day and so should you. Don't give up on your dreams, and try to have fun doing it.