Friday, October 18, 2013

First words from "Lived Through the Were" by Scott McLean

"Lived Through the Were" by Scott McLean
written on Monday, October 14, 2013

Past tense together
is better than today's weather

(I have a whole page
I'll publish it later

Okay, I realize this part rhymes
but hmm...inside the parentheses
will disappear like an alligator)

The part in parentheses was new when
I put this here.

It's only the first two lines and title
before "I have" that was unedited
but pretty much everything is pristine
as modern progress or whatever
is the possessive of it's perpendicular

perhaps from a future five minutes only
in front of right now
anthology of poetry
named misspell I
while in summer love

I edited this part (after "later")
and I'm not sorry

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