Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Four" by Scott McLean

By Scott McLean

I reversed the inversion
of a reversal and was walking
on all fours, you were on the other
end of the dimension with your version
of a cover of a reality music
and all i wanted to do was bark
but i never landed on any wrong notes
speaking of rhymes and things
get a load of the afterlife votes
what a layered liftoff
really spectacular views for free
in the minutes beyond above the city smog
Forget about all the exit polls
they are as trustworthy as much as modern disaster relief
relief orgs don't let people down, people do
If I go much higher with the god's eye view thing
I'll only have clouds to talk to
And they don't have all that much to say
Reverse the inversion
of the reversal? I'll do it on the flipside
and keep my eyes open for the fourth dimension
where everything is okay
because people aren't there -
and therefore can't get in my way.

written by Scott McLean in the morning of October 31, 2012, which of course was yesterday morning, around 10:30 am to 11:00 am and it's going to be free-verse poetry/prose and song lyrics or both.  I refer to many different parts of what we deal with in the world and mesh it with strange paranormal-type stuff. Before I typed in these words off the paper I wrote these lyrics/poem on with blue-ink pen, I typed in at the top "(Dimension) FourEver" but I decided to leave the title "Four" which was my original title which I named after I wrote the lyrics in pen but the same morning. "(Dimension) FourEver" also will be one of my songs.

I tried not to edit or change anything in "Four" including mistakes because what seems like mistakes could mean something that I'm getting from another dimension or a nonexistent reality, or only real in our imagination or something.  "Four" refers to a fourth dimension and a dog. Words/lyrics are influenced by some of my other works and refer to them, and weave in something (too) real to make it more confusing and unusual.

I was inspired by my own songs and my artwork (much is not made public/not yet released and also some unfinished),also inspired by my thinking about politics, the song "Been Away Too Long" by Soundgarden which was on the radio and then I started writing, and of course Emily Dickinson poetry, although I haven't been reading it lately.  

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