Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Popless at the Co-op/The Auto Tune" and my thinking

The last song was supposed to have a happy tune and lyrics.  I wanted to keep it light and enjoyable, but it also had a funny sense to it and it's short, has words that don't make perfect sense, and that's funny, yet it does bring back memories of what we felt at sometime in our lives.  It can have more than one meaning, for example my words "half way through" (could mean) something we're dealing with and we want time to go faster.  "Popless" also had two meanings since it's not really Pop, it's Country, and I looked for some soda pop at that Co-op but they didn't have that soda pop.  My song title is "Popless at the Co-op/The Auto Tune" but those words aren't in the song. 

I couldn't even tell who might sing such a song because while the lyrics sound like the driver singing to someone, perhaps to his or her kids, but after I listened to the song several times, I thought maybe sounds like what a child might sing to his or her parents, like a joke because they are tired of a long driving trip.

Everyone has been a child before they were older, so maybe it's like the poet in me trying to state something that is common in what most of us did, thought, and felt when we were children on a car trip. Or maybe the song is just a short song about nothing.  But I like it.

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