Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Way, Way Out There in the I's Mind" by Scott McLean, song title Saturday, July 14, 2012 7:22 AM

by Scott McLean, written Saturday, April 7, 2012, finished around 3:31 PM

Listening to mother
with one ear
Metallica with the other
did you think behind
my divided attention
was a lost universe
separated by a mirror

drink whatever
to raise your hair
think whenever
sort out this nightmare
civilization deciphered
if i wrote on my bedroom walls
in symbols about lightning
and thunder from whence
places and times should never grow

timeline, shoot the gap
cars darting by so fast
just more proof (of meaning)
this world is not a waste
n' hey, hey day lobbyists
n' act like barnacles

dance to the speed bumps
we're as smooth as disco
just like smoothie, mixed up
but this far-flung, smack dab
in the middle of mankind
crisscrossing timeline, tucked
away inside coming out whenever
is good for you, or it's the worst
food for thought you can ever eat

next time you're pretending
to look away and not be
destroyed by the sight
don't forget the eyesore
has no power in the shower

close the mind now
n' don't swear
you are here!

Notes: Scott McLean is the owner of this song and these lyrics.
Expect this song to be some kind of strange, quirky prog-rock grunge, or maybe not, it's just for me to decide.  I named the song today, though the lyrics were written on April 7, 2012. 


  1. Hi! how I wished to write songs like you! :) I only can when I'm inspired. :) Thanks for your comment on my blog! I never saw Memento but I will search about the movie and, who knows, see if I like! ;) If it is strange, I'm sure I'll like!

  2. Thank you. I'm sure you will write great songs. You're welcome and I'm happy to know you. Memento was strange because how it's done, which is different than the way they tell story in most movies, but I don't want to give away how they did that because each person should watch and enjoy the movie first. Have a nice week!