Monday, July 16, 2012

"If You Want" (lyrics) by Scott McLean

"If You Want" (lyrics) by Scott McLean
written and released/published on Monday, July 16, 2012

If you want
n' i know you do
If you like
you won't be true
to color, food
or factory wood
donut, pizza
coffee house
speak in shouts
i'll be a mouse
loyal foil
never heard of it?
hang on to betrayal
'sa really good way to feel
cartoon balloon
sliver of the moon
stick out your tongue
lemonheads not made in the sun
it's hot, you're not
but i'll hose you off
with a squirt gun
cough, cough
we're in elliptical orbits
my face is to the fun
your happiness is asleep
in the black of night
walking on the beach
strolling 'round the lake
setting my mouth
for every other flavor
in unpredictable fashion
if you want
n' it's your driving force
if you like
we can go by horse
to reach the land
of if you want
'n if you want
we can leave today
'n every day
if you want
i'll even pay
'cos when you want
to be with me
is what i like
if you want
i want
and that want
is by you 'n me
if we want
if we want
for us
real life love
from fantasy.

This song was written very early this morning (according to the clock I was looking at between 5:15 am and 5:35 am) and it takes the form of poetry with no particular rules, except I do rhyme sometimes. 

I think this could almost be a radio single, however it's not a smooth and happy love song all the way along, though it ends up that way.  I like songs that show some of the difficulties in relationships.  Oftentimes 'likes' change and that's why in the beginning it goes "If you like, you won't be true."  I meant true to what you like, but also it's understood that can change a relationship, causing two lovers to grow apart.

When I think about the songs I've created/recorded and put here, I wonder if people might like to hear a more positive and uplifting song, yet one that is still like real life.  That's the reason for these lyrics.  I'm influenced and inspired by many people.  To the recent comment, thank you very much and I'm happy to know you.  Kind words inspire and encourage me to write songs and that's the main reason I wrote the lyrics for "If You Want" in such a spontaneous way today. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Way, Way Out There in the I's Mind" by Scott McLean, song title Saturday, July 14, 2012 7:22 AM

by Scott McLean, written Saturday, April 7, 2012, finished around 3:31 PM

Listening to mother
with one ear
Metallica with the other
did you think behind
my divided attention
was a lost universe
separated by a mirror

drink whatever
to raise your hair
think whenever
sort out this nightmare
civilization deciphered
if i wrote on my bedroom walls
in symbols about lightning
and thunder from whence
places and times should never grow

timeline, shoot the gap
cars darting by so fast
just more proof (of meaning)
this world is not a waste
n' hey, hey day lobbyists
n' act like barnacles

dance to the speed bumps
we're as smooth as disco
just like smoothie, mixed up
but this far-flung, smack dab
in the middle of mankind
crisscrossing timeline, tucked
away inside coming out whenever
is good for you, or it's the worst
food for thought you can ever eat

next time you're pretending
to look away and not be
destroyed by the sight
don't forget the eyesore
has no power in the shower

close the mind now
n' don't swear
you are here!

Notes: Scott McLean is the owner of this song and these lyrics.
Expect this song to be some kind of strange, quirky prog-rock grunge, or maybe not, it's just for me to decide.  I named the song today, though the lyrics were written on April 7, 2012.