Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nonexistent Reality "Tick" (new song - Grunge)

     Nonexistent Reality - "Tick"
     by Scott McLean

This song was created in February 2012 and like many of my songs, before this song I got a basic tune going,  a melody, and some lyrics, but then I came up with much of the lyrics and ideas, song changes, etc. while I was singing.  That long, funny part in the song is the word "tick" stretched out "tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick" (I didn't count how long that was) and hopefully the silly ending reminds us that grunge has a sense of humor.

Scott McLean "Can't Stay" (2011 - new song) released March 27, 2012

Scott McLean - Singer, songwriter
Song title:  "Can't Stay"

This song is not about my current situation, and I don't talk this way.  It's just a song and it's intended as entertainment, not for scrutiny of each word.  That's why I put "vocal styling and singing as acting" in the Labels (below).  I started to release my songs last year on Fast Food Yummy because I didn't have my a website or blog to post my own songs.  

It's important to know that many songs by other solo artists and bands are not about the singer or songwriters and the songs also could be written in a variety of ways, during the time of singing or playing guitar, or just some words that sound good together.  But I keep reading comments -- for example, comments below videos of other artists' songs on YouTube -- that listeners think the singer really went through some hard times or something, and my thoughts are maybe, and maybe not.  

They could be writing about relationships they have observed or like a character in a novel, movie, or TV show, the song may represent a combination of characteristics of several people.  Some songs are probably about some person that the singer/songwriter knows (or knew) and they don't sing 'he' and 'him' or 'she' and 'her' but instead sing 'I' and 'me'.  

So then, someone might say that kind of singing is like acting.  Of course, most of us have past relationships too, and while we may be nothing like the character a song appears to be about, we can use our past experiences to figure out how we want to sing the song in a believable way to make it interesting for listeners.  I hope this makes sense.  While this is a blog, please do not assume that I write songs only about myself unless I say so, because like most songwriters/singers/musicians, I want to be creative and come up with something interesting, maybe somewhat different, and see what happens.  

I'm going to share more of my thinking about music and songs, though someone could interview me and maybe I would even answer questions.  

Note: This song was originally scheduled to be released on November 15, 2011 but didn't come out on that date, so it's finally being released now. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

"Have a lot of Fun" by Scott McLean

So far, these are the lyrics and if the song ever gets finished, then I'll say so. But shouldn't I do it on keyboard? Then of course after I do a nice version I'll do a cover of my own song, but I'll scream in a high-pitched voice, Scott McLean  is my favorite pop star, and put it on YouTube.  Yes, I am just making a joke about pop stars who put their names in songs.  By the way, I'm not any other Scott McLean, I'm this one.  Ok here are the lyrics for my song:

"Have a lot of Fun"
by Scott McLean

Overdo it
no don't do it
wait, wait no, girl
it's a lot of fun
overdo it
and come 'ere on the run
no, wait
don't overdo it
your mama said it's a loaded gun
--and I know what she means!
stay there in your scene

there's something to be said
for places that are dead
whatever you can afford
always makes you bored

don't do it
don't have any fun
then if you wanna be alone
listen to the dial tone
or get me on the line
you're sure to feel jus' fine

to know love
sow love
it's growing
every spring
the summer comes
the heat is warm
but that's what
makes us tall inside

overdo it
have a lot of fun
no, wait
don't overdo it
your mama said
it's a loaded gun
your mama said it,
though, so, you know!

have a lot of fun
have a lot of fun
repeat 3 million times (i'm joking, just repeat until you're tired of it and wanna listen to the next pop song)

Note: By the way, don't overdo it.  This is just a song and that's all.  I wrote this on paper in a Jack in the Box parking lot after buying iced coffee (before starting to drink it) but the idea came to me while I was still in the drive-thru, which is when I wrote down the song title, and in the drive-thru, I was listening to other pop songs on the radio that also repeat way too much, but that's OK because I was having fun.