Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nonexistent Reality/Scott McLean - "Lower" (new song, Grunge/raw-raw hard rawcapella)

Scott McLean - singer, songwriter, ideas/deep thinking

I just wrote this song about an hour ago.  It's the first recording and I'll probably add to it someday.  Please read the labels.  I use the word 'you' but of course
this song is not about you, the listener, it's about politicians and government officials
and  and others who lie a lot to gain riches, power, and/or fame, and they think they are better than
or 'higher' than most of us but in the end they are 'lower' or maybe that's after the end of this life, when they are lower.  I'm not sure, I'm just thinking on this subject which I find to be quite interesting.
This isn't a religious song about heaven and hell, but maybe it should be, right?  The song is short
and that's like an analogy to the amount of time the liars get to be 'higher' in comparison to 
forever or at least when compared with how long the universe has existed.

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