Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nonexistent Reality - "The Nonexistent Reality" (original song/improv, new)

Nonexistent Reality:  Scott McLean - vocals, guitar, songwriting, improv ideas/thinking

"The Nonexistent Reality"
1. chaos on mynd borders
2. am i like u
3. race from evil a gag by the unsenatesatives

This song is recorded today Saturday December 3  2011 and I wrote it at the same time so it's an improv song/acoustic guitar instrumental.  I don't care about trying to achieve perfection because my main style is rough  grunge with a country and folk sound to some songs, somewhat prog and medieval sounding at times, and one of my goals is to promote freedom in music.  I hope musicians, singers, songwriters, and writers will stand up for freedom of speech and freedom of expression in music, and some people would say they need to do this in the music business.  At this time, however, I'm not making any money in music or writing. One of my goals is to do something interesting and different than what has already been done.  

In case you didn't know this, I like to put two words together for added effect.  It's not a misspelling, it's on purpose. You might also be able to find words in a song title that spell something backwards, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum, which isn't to say that I'll become a minimalist composer, though that would be fun.