Thursday, December 29, 2011


I have seen song names or album track names released by bands before the song or album is released. That's great, but I go one step ahead of them.  Here are the lyrics I wrote tonight when I was at a grocery store in the parking lot waiting for it to stop raining and wondering how to walk and avoid some of the puddles.  So then, I'm inspired by puddles and rain.  I don't know when this will be released as a song and I'm not in any hurry put it out. Sometimes I write the lyrics before I come up with a melody, start singing or playing it on acoustic guitar, though I'm writing other songs too, and mostly I just start singing.  But I don't know what the song with these lyrics will sound like.  Maybe it will be a grunge song, but there's no way to know for sure.  However, it does show I can write quickly and just sit down with a pen and paper anywhere and any time of day or night.  This was written between 9:25 pm and 9:42 pm (17 minutes) on Thursday December 29, 2011.

Nonexistent Reality
“Puddle breath”
 by Scott McLean

You wound up in misery
not the seminary
do i stand corrected?
i've got another come back
line every time

much more bland in vision
the department will never
get out of the dog house
for writing him out of history

you should be the focus
of nagging allegations
whenever you open your computer
and don't forget your face for photoshopping

pledge -- lawmaking's on the ledge
issue wedge -- beings take it some more
talk the way your grandma did
the way she felt the day
you were born, 30 years after
the great depression, the way
she felt when she would say
she felt that very day
she was no longer happy n' gay
it was long ago
and still is

you wound up smelling
like a pacific northwest late afternoon
on the greyest overcast bucket full
of pea soup collecting in the backyard
you parked your face
in the supermarket parking lot
lots of times before
never reached the door
puddle breath here's tube of toothpaste
here's your photoshopped imagination
puddle breath in moss and slugs your pledge

to make the life
of yours an issue wedge
so in misery we
may all connect!
puddle breath
the original
the one and only
did living your way
falling into
the falling down
watching the clouds
cry on you to
ease the pain the
afternoon brings
the rain is there for you.

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